Wool Fedora Season

Hat season has officially begun for me and I have to credit the show Mad Men for inspiring my new appreciation for wool fedoras. However, I think it is safe to say that we are returning to an age where most men are making a conscious decision, and are trading in their snap backs and fitted baseball caps for medium and wide brimmed fedoras. At least for their morning and after work commute. Especially since wool fedoras provide a more distinguished presentation, and look even better when paired with an overcoat.

Now although I have always been a fan of hats, I thought newsboy caps were my only option. Considering my facial structure and the size of my head (save the jokes for another time). However, after experimenting with several different styles I realized that medium and wider brim fedoras look good on just about everyone. In fact, according to an article from GQ Magazine in 2008, “A fedora with a moderate brim (felt in the winter, straw in the summer) is all-purpose.” 

A moderately sized brim can easily be dressed up or dressed down and looks great on most face shapes. While a wider brimmed fedora, tends to compliment men with a top-heavy face like mine. Overall, when you are a wearing a wool fedora, particularly for the first time, it is important to look confident and comfortable because if you don’t take yourself seriously while wearing one, no one else will. 
Hat by Zara, Blazer by Stafford, Tie by Vintage, Jeans by H&M, Shoes by J.D. Fisk
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