What I Wore Today: Mostly Thrifted

Whenever I realize that I am wearing an outfit that is entirely or mostly thrifted I always feel accomplished. Not only because of the amount of money I saved, but because I know no one would ever know. With the exception of this blazer, everything was purchased from various thrift stores. Ironically, even the blazer was purchased on clearance from JCPenney last Spring.

“Matching your leathers” is one of those common menswear rules that should not be broken. Therefore, I tried to stick to the rules and wear a belt that complimented my shoes.
These shoes were also purchased from a local thrift store late last year and they came with the navy blue shoe laces. I am usually not a fan of colored laces but I decided to leave them in because navy and oxblood pair well together.
 Blazer by Stafford, Shirt by Turnbull & Asser (thrift), Tie by Vintage (thrift), Pants by Bill Blass (thrift), Shoes by Father & Son (thrift)
As always, thanks for reading!
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