Visiting the Buffalo State College Art Gallery

I usually visit local thrift stores on my lunch break, but yesterday I decided to check out the Upton Hall Art Gallery at Buffalo State College. I was enamored by most of the paintings and sculptures that our art students created. It helped me realize how sophisticated our relatively small art program is. In fact, if I could rewind time I would have studied fine arts instead of criminal justice.

I spent about an hour just appreciating their work, and it even inspired me to start painting again. While I was a Graduate Assistant, my supervisor and I painted (sometimes huge murals) during stressful times. It quickly caught on with the rest of the staff, and we all realized that painting alleviated stress in the workplace.
 Suit by Vintage (Thrift), Shirt by Stafford, Tie by Vintage (thrift), Shoes by Zara
Below are just a few of my favorite pieces. I am actually going to inquire about purchasing a couple of them because I am still decorating my new apartment.
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