Young Entrepreneur Spotlight: Tyron Cutner of Well Dressed Academy

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I became aware of the psychological effects of clothing during my graduate school days. During that time, I used my personal style to positively influence my professors, supervisors, and even my peers. In fact, I often credit my personal style to helping me land my first job in higher education.

Therefore, when I met Tyron Cutner, Founder of the Well Dressed Academy, I was excited to share his story and further discuss the positive effects of being a well dressed man!

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“After high school I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I ended up getting an associates degree in computer networking because everyone said, “computers are the future”.

However, I never worked or even interviewed for a job in the industry. While obtaining the degree I worked in the luxury retail industry. That’s where I got my first taste of entrepreneurship of selling designer shoes on eBay.”

“However, all good things must come to an end so I spent years trying to build a business that was as lucrative but I came up short every time. As time went on, I focused my attention on building businesses with other novice entrepreneurs.

It almost never worked out, but there was a lesson in every project. My girlfriend at the time wanted to have a baby, which meant I needed a more stable financial situation. At the time, I was in the middle of one of my “entrepreneurial endeavors” so I tried to get a job in luxury retail again but it was extremely tough due to the recession.

“As a result, I ended up getting a commercial drivers license and working as a bus driver and quickly became miserable.”

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 “I was working a job that I hated, I was a new father with a 2-year-old son and I was approaching 30 years old. At the time, I was wasting all of my nights playing Xbox until I found out that my girlfriend was cheating on me.”

“This was a major rude awakening!”

“However, I took an honest look in the mirror and asked myself “how did I let myself get to this point”. I wasn’t being the entrepreneur that I wanted to be. Instead, I looked like a kid in college and I didn’t want to go into my 30’s like this.”

“I knew I needed to change my image so I started wearing my professional clothes every day, even when I didn’t need to. People started looking at me differently, especially women. Then, anytime I looked in the mirror again I saw a new man.”

“Dressing sharp became more than just wearing better clothes, it became a way of life.”

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“I eventually quit the job that I hated so much and I became more motivated to fix other areas in my life. Within a matter of months, I was appointed the Chief Operating Officer of a nonprofit organization and even got featured in the media for my achievements.”

“Soon after, I started helping the CEO dress better and before long he received more money for the organization and even started dating women that were out of his league. His family came to me and said, “you need to do this on a larger scale because you didn’t just change how he dresses but you changed his entire image.”

“Fast forward to today, and now I teach men the psychological effects of clothes and how to use it to their advantage in business and personal relationships by dressing exceptionally well. I believe that the way we see ourselves visually has a huge impact on how we perform in all areas of our lives.”

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“My overall goal for the business is to help men improve themselves in several different areas such as emotional stability, fatherhood, creating a purpose driven life, and being better husbands.

“I also plan on writing a book this winter so that I can share my message with a larger audience.”

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“The most important lesson I’ve learned as an entrepreneur came very early on. I was struggling to figure out what services to offer because I wasn’t making a consistent income.”

“When things got tight I looked for loans, investors, and donations. However, what I realized is that if I would have received those handouts I would have never gained the confidence in my own efforts. Therefore, if things ever got tight again I would start looking for help instead of looking for a bail out.”

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As always, thanks for reading and special thanks to Tyron for participating. Also, be sure to check out The Dapper Advisor Boutique for all of the latest Fall additions!

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