Tweed Sports Jackets Pt. II

Like I previously mentioned here, my love for tweed sports jackets runs deep. Although in today’s society the L word is used rather loosely, and has lost its effect to some extent. It does not change the fact that I truly adore a well-tailored tweed sports jacket. My love for them run deep, deeper than the Nile River, deeper than the words of a poem written by the late great Maya Angelou, deeper than the pockets of Warren Buffet, deeper than a laceration made by a machete, deeper than a deep dish pizza from Pizza Hut. I could go on for days. However, the only thing that I love more than a tweed sports jacket is one that has suede patches affixed to the elbows. For those that might not be familiar, suede elbow patches are usually oval shapes, sewn on the outside sleeves of a jacket.

Today, suede elbow patches are purely an aesthetic option, but legend says that they were first introduced during WWI when the German storm troopers’ uniforms were reinforced with leather elbow patches to protect them while they crawled in the trenches. Later, came the “shooting jacket”. Shooting jackets were worn when gentlemen participated in outdoor sports like shooting or hunting. The jacket had a suede or leather patch on the shoulder to prevent wear from the shotgun and two matching patches on the elbows. Lastly, I came across some information that stated suede elbow patches were used solely to repair jackets that had signs of wear and thinning fabric on the elbow region. However, I cannot fathom wearing a jacket so much that it begins to wear thin, but maybe there are just other gentlemen that also share a deep adoration for tweed sports coats.

 Blazer by Vintage, Shirt by Stafford, Tie by Vintage, Jeans by Levi’s, Shoes by Zara, Watch by Relic
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