Trench Coat: Lightweight Outerwear

During the summer months when your not frolicking on the beach getting kissed by the sun or enjoying a backyard BBQ, chances are its because the weather isn’t conducive for those activities. Therefore, during those windy or “unseasonably cool” summer days, lightweight outerwear is essential. Previously, I discussed my affinity for denim jackets, but there are several other layers that can be considered a form of lightweight outerwear. For instance, an unlined trench coat is the perfect option for those cool summer evenings, and according to your own personal aesthetic they can be worn in various ways to complete just about any outfit.

Originally the trench coat was a waterproof military coat invented by Thomas Burberry at the request of the British War Office during the Boer War. In fact, certain details like the storm patch, and belt recall its military origins. Later, the surname Burberry became synonymous with trench coats along with the infamous Burberry print. The original coat was made of gabardine, which is a tough, tightly woven fabric used to make trousers, uniforms, windbreakers, and other heavy-duty garments. 
Its purpose was to withstand the strong winds and torrential down pours. However, the modern trench coat is much more stylish than yesteryears but it still used for its functionality, just not to that extent. I usually wear a trench when I expect some precipitation and do not feel like dressing extremely casual. Some people tend to tie the belt behind them and leave the coat unbuttoned to portray a more relaxed look, but I prefer wearing mine completely buttoned with the belt fastened to the front. In my opinion, it exudes a more refined and classic look that is much more flattering for a slim silhouette.
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