Thrifted Vintage Fabrics

I purchase A LOT of clothes from local thrift stores. In fact, not a day goes by without me wearing at least one thrift store find. The best thing about shopping in thrift stores is the fact that you never know what you will find on any given day. At first, I just sifted through racks in search of familiar brands like Ralph Lauren and Burberry. However, nowadays I get more excited when I find unique items like a suit cut from a rare fabric. I have never seen this fabric before and trust me when I say, I have become very familiar with vintage fabrics over the past couple of years.

When I purchased this suit the jacket fit well, but the trousers were bell bottoms. That’s how you know this suit is truly a vintage piece. In fact, the trousers were one of my first tailoring projects. So instead of going with my usual aggressive taper, I decided to go with a fuller cut since it is a fall/winter suit and I figured I would need the extra legroom for days that I have to wear thermals underneath. Honestly, that is probably the biggest perk about tailoring your own clothes. You can alter them as much as you like and practically re-invent them at a moment’s notice (more on that later).
This suit has so many subtle undertones that it can easily be worn with various different shirt and tie combinations. There are strands of blue, orange, brown, and gold. Therefore, making this one an ideal fall/winter suit.
Suit by Vintage, Shirt by Stafford, Tie by Vintage , Shoes by Florsheim, Watch courtesy of Talley & Twine 
Photo Credits: Bangali Doumbai

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