Thrifted Black Leather Backpack

Thrifted Leather Back Pack
Thrifting has always been one of the focal points of my blog. Unfortunately, this year I haven’t been able to visit some of my favorite spots as often I would like to (that’s what happens when you’re juggling 4 jobs). Therefore, I am sure a lot of people have been getting lucky in some of my favorite thrift stores. However, I found this black leather backpack earlier this year and it has been with me during all of my trips to NYC.

Thrifted Black Leather Back Pack
When it comes to bags and briefcases, I can honestly say that I acquired all of my collection from local thrift stores. In fact, I always tell people to check thrift stores first whenever they are in the market for a new bag instead of breaking the bank on a new piece. Not only will you save money, but some of the bags I’ve found were purchased brand new with tags on them like this black leather back pack.
Thrifted Black Leather Back Pack
Believe it or not, I was actually apprehensive when I came across this back pack even though it was constructed from genuine leather and still had tags on it. I thought I wouldn’t have much use for a back pack, especially since I’ve been finished with school for quite some time. However, I’m glad I bought it because it has become my go-to bag for those quick weekend trips back and forth to NYC.
Black Leather Chelsea Boots
Leather Jacket by H&M, Shirt by Brooks Brothers, Jeans by H&M, Boots by J.D Fisk, Leather Backpack by Thrifted 
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