Thrift Store Shoe Collection

As I have said several times before, quality dress shoes are the cornerstones of every man’s wardrobe. Even during my infamous sneaker head days, I always understood the importance of a quality shoe. During that time, I collected Nike Air Foamposites and Air Jordans, all of which were originals. However, that was during my college years when spending cash frivolously on sneakers was the norm. Since then, I have acquired more responsibilities and changed my style of dress quite a bit. Therefore, I parted ways with my once coveted “OG sneaker” collection and started purchasing quality dress shoes. However, it didn’t take me long to notice that dress shoes are just as expensive if not more expensive than Jordans and Foamposites. With that being said, since my budget cannot support dozens of $200+ shoes anymore, I built most of my current shoe collection from shopping at local thrift stores. As of today, I have purchased at least 10 pairs of quality dress shoes from local thrift stores and all they needed was a simple polish to look fresh out the box.
Here are just a few of the shoes that I have purchased via local thrift stores over the past year. In fact, the photo above features my most commonly worn shoe, and those are one of my very first thrift store purchases.
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