Thrift Store Haul #2: How To Turn $140 into $1035

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As a full-time seller on eBay and PoshMark, the name of the game is to buy low, sell high, and sell fast!

In the past, I would visit thrift stores as a hobbyist and leave with one or two pieces. I would eventually get them tailored if necessary and then feature my thrift store finds on the blog.

Fortunately, I’ve turned my hobby into a profitable business by selling men’s and women’s clothing online.

In my first thrift store haul, I found a lot of great pieces that sold for some decent profit. However, in this haul, I found even more profitable items and they were all purchased in one weekend.

After all is said and done, I should be able to turn my initial $140 investment into $1035. Keep in mind that some of these items might take a while to sell and some might not sell for my full asking price, but I was still very modest in my projected sales figure. Therefore, if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or just someone that wants to make some extra money on the side, this video is for you!

I even found a black Burberry jacket for $4 that I will be styling on the blog very soon. So I’m sure you will feel inspired to go thrifting once you watch this video. Also, be sure to watch this one until the end because I’ve shared one of my best eBay/PoshMark selling tips for new and experienced sellers.

As always, thanks for reading and watching!

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