The Vintage Suede Briefcase

Double breasted + Double monks
Shopping in local thrift stores has been one of my biggest hobbies/passions for the past eight years. It actually helped introduce me to menswear because I was able to buy suits and blazers at extremely low prices and just tailor them to fit my body. In fact, there was a time when it was almost impossible for me to leave home without wearing something that I found in a thrift store. However, nowadays I am coming across some very unique and rare accessories like this vintage green suede briefcase.

Double breasted + Double monks
Believe it or not, I was a little apprehensive to purchasing this briefcase because I have purchased dozens of briefcases over the years and I eventually gave them away to friends and family. However, I never seen a suede briefcase before and since it was only $5, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to add one more to the collection.
On the rail…
Vintage suede briefcases…Now although this green suede briefcase is very fashion-forward and bold for some guys, I’ve learned that a quality briefcase is one of the most essential accessories for a young professional. Carrying important work files in a book bag or an unattractive carrying case is an easy way to ruin an otherwise great outfit. Also, not only can a briefcase help carry all of your important belongings but it shows others that you value important details. And that is something that can translate into your work and impress your peers, co-workers, and supervisors.
Vintage Suede Briefcases…
Suede briefcases and suede double monks…
Suit by Bureau, Shirt by Ralph Lauren, Shoes by Testoni, Briefcase by Vintage
As always, thanks for reading and good luck finding a vintage briefcase of your own!
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