The Versatility of Chocolate

Anytime someone asks for my opinion on choosing suit fabrics, the first thing I suggest is to select a fabric that is extremely versatile. Especially if you’re in the process of building your wardrobe. Navy and grey are always my first suggestions, but once you have those essentials covered, the next suit in your arsenal should definitely be chocolate.

I designed this 2-piece suit with my good friends over at Bureau. I went with a four season wool fabric, horn buttons, peak lapels, patch pockets, and I finally got a little crazy finished things off with a paisley lining.
The reason why chocolate is such a versatile color is because it pairs well with so many other colors such as blues, grey’s, oranges, burgundy’s, and yellows. In my opinion, its an ideal color for the fall/winter, but it can definitely still steal the show during the summer as well.
The best thing about choosing a bold lining is that it’s really just for you. No one ever really sees it while your jacket is closed, and it makes it even more personal to you.
Suit by Bureau, Shirt by Oliver Wicks, Tie by Bureau, Shoes by Calibrate

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