The Trouser Experiment

Over the years, I have developed a great relationship with my tailor, especially since I am a faithful thrift store shopper. Therefore, I visit him quite often so that he can alter all of my thrift store finds. However, when I first started getting my clothes tailored, I paid close attention to the fit of my jackets and neglected the fit of my trousers. As a result, my pants would always be too long or too baggy in the leg. So I decided to experiment with different fits until I finally found my favorite (pictured above).

In the photos above, also seen here, I experimented with a fuller cut and a 2-in. cuff. However, after a couple weeks of wear, I felt that a 2 in. cuff was too big for my 5’8’ frame. I also preferred a more aggressive taper in the legs. Therefore, I took them back to my tailor to make the proper alterations.
After experimenting with different fits, I went from a 2 in. cuff to a 1 1/2 in. cuff. In my opinion, a smaller cuff compliments my height and drapes cleanly over my shoes. I also decided to go from a 8 in. leg opening to a 6 3/4 in. leg opening. Of course there is nothing wrong with a fuller cut trouser, it is really just a matter of preference. However, I believe that a streamlined fit compliments my physique.
In the photo above, also seen here, my trousers were too long and as a result there were too many breaks. Essentially a break is the horizontal line in the fabric that happens where your pants hit your shoes. The length of your pant legs usually determines how noticeable the break is.
Therefore, I shortened them about 2 in. and added a 1 in. cuff. In my opinion, this is the most flattering length for my body. A shorter hem allows the pants to drape cleanly and create a streamlined silhouette. It also visually elongates the silhouette, and creates an illusion of added height, all while subtly showing off my freshly polished shoes. As my style continues to evolve I am sure that I will continue to experiment with different fits, but that is why it is so important to develop a good relationship with your tailor. Eventually, he or she will become familiar with your style and alter your clothes specifically to your liking.
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