The Suit Jacket: Common Mistakes

When it comes to wearing suit jackets and blazers, I have noticed a trend that I had to address before it’s too late. For some reason, men and women are starting to fasten both buttons when in reality the last button on a suit jacket or blazer should never be buttoned!
I actually think most people are just unaware that the last button on a jacket should never be fastened. This rule also applies to double breasted jackets as well (pictured above).
In fact, some might even ask, “Why even have a button with an accompanying buttonhole if you’re not going to use it?”
However, there are several reasons as to why this is a classic menswear rule that shouldn’t be broken. Firstly, when all of the buttons are fastened on a jacket it makes the wearer look stiff and uncomfortable. Secondly, it was simply not designed to be buttoned and whenever the last button is fastened it does not allow the jacket to drape properly. Thirdly, it makes you look like a novice and even if you are one, you don’t have to dress like it.
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Now that we have that covered, there are some instances when the wearer should keep their jacket buttons fastened and times when it should be left opened. For instance, when you are sitting down, your jacket should be open. This is to ensure that you are not putting too much stress on the button and you’re able to sit comfortably (pictured above). Conversely, your jacket should remained closed whenever you are standing up or in motion, unless your trying to capture a photo like the one below.
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