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The Style Connoisseur Ft. Victor JamesRead his story on This past weekend I went to NYC to visit friends and family. While I was in Brooklyn, I linked up with designer, graphic artist, and fellow thrift store shopper, Victor James. There are not a lot of people that share the same passion for thrift store shopping as I do, so after we finished shooting it was only right that we went thrifting (he found a bad ass leather jacket and I went home empty handed). Vic is one of the most stylish guys I know and he definitely has knack for switching things up, so here are three examples of his eclectic style. 

Vintage Treasure Hunter
The Style Connoisseur Ft. Victor JamesRead his story on
The moment I saw this cashmere overcoat, I knew it was vintage. In fact, I’ve come across a few cashmere coats like this before. Unfortunately, they just never fit me quite as well as this one. Similar coats by Saint Laurent and Maison Margiela retail for thousands of dollars, but thats the beauty of shopping in vintage stores. 
“I live for finding quality vintage clothing at thrift stores. I also love a good deal from stores like Uniqlo and Urban Outfitters. I believe there are only a few things that need to be purchased at full price. Almost everything else can and should be thrifted.”
The Details…
Driving gloves
Brown Suede Chelsea Boots

Coat by Vintage, Denim Vest by Vintage Gap, Shirt by Urban Outfitters, Jeans by H&M, Boots & Gloves by Urban Outfitters, Shades by Ralph Lauren
A Curated Wardrobe
The Style Connoisseur Ft. Victor JamesRead his story on
This outfit exemplifies everything that I love about thrift store shopping. Not only does shopping in vintage stores save you money, but once you become a seasoned professional like Vic, you can start constructing a wardrobe filled with quality garments made by some of your favorite brands.
“My style consists of classic menswear combined with a hint of trendy pieces. I would describe my style as being very eclectic because it can switch from Japanese street wear to American prep on any given day. Some of my favorite brands are Ralph Lauren and Bape (just the earlier stuff, I’m not really into some of the new collections).”
The Style Connoisseur Ft. Victor JamesRead his story on
Ralph Lauren is my all-time favorite designer and his eponymous brand is a favorite of mine as well. So you could only imagine how devastated I was when the Rugby store closed their doors a couple of years ago. Fortunately, Vic was able to snatch up these classic khakis before it was too late.
The Style Connoisseur Ft. Victor JamesRead his story on
Purple Suede Hush Puppies
Blazer & Sweater by Ralph Lauren, Pants by Ralph Lauren Rugby, Shoes by Hush Puppies, Hat by Vintage


Tier NYC
The Style Connoisseur Ft. Victor JamesRead his story on
Vic along with our fellow fraternity brothers, Nigeria Ealey and Esaïe Jean Simon, are the founders of the street wear brand, Tier NYCTier NYC uses a combination of historical artwork as an inspiration for each of their designs. However, instead of just pasting museum art on t-shirts and hoodies, they decided to take a different approach. 

“Starting my own brand has been a very exciting and rewarding experience. It feels great to create clothing that I like to wear and have other people appreciate it as well.”

The Style Connoisseur Ft. Victor JamesRead his story on
“The initial inspiration for Tier NYC stemmed from Nigeria’s favorite painting, The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. Then, Esaïe and I created the unique claw design to help bring the image to life. With the finish product, we wanted it to look like the painting was behind the set of rips, yet still realistic enough to touch.” 
“This particular design was inspired by Caravaggio’s Judith Beheading Holofernes. Holofernes was an Assyrian General set out to destroy Judith’s home, the city of Bethulia. Judith then used her beauty and charm, got Holofernes drunk, and decapitated him with his own sword while he was passed out.”
It’s always inspiring to learn more about where a designer got their inspirations, especially when it incorporates an artistic and historical perspective. I am actually pretty excited to see the new season of Tier NYC, because they will be enhancing the brand by moving on to cut and sew. 
Tier NYC
Jordan VIII
Leather Jacket by Topman, T-Shirt by Tier NYC, Pants by Zanerobe, Hat by Rag & Bone, Sneakers by Nike Air Jordan


Thanks for reading and special thanks to Vic for participating!

Yours truly,
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