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The Avant-Garde Ft. Chase CobbinaRead his story on
Buffalo native Chase Cobbina aka Billie Essco is one of the most creative individuals I know, and his sense of style is definitely a reflection of that. He is a fashion design student at Buffalo State College, as well as graphic designer, musician, and designer for the brand MCMCX$. He represents the small, but growing population of young creatives in the Buffalo area, and he is quickly making a name for himself.

Picasso Baby

The Avant-Garde Ft. Chase CobbinaRead his story on www.DapperAdvisor.comI’ve known Chase for a while now and the one thing that has remained the same after all of these years is his ability to put together vintage pieces. This vintage Picasso satin jacket is one of my favorites, mainly because of the the bright assortment of colors. This piece is more than likely a women’s jacket, and you can tell by the shoulder pads. However, I must admit that I admire his ability to incorporate women’s clothing into his wardrobe, more on that later.
The Avant-Garde Ft. Chase CobbinaVintage Picasso Jacket Read his story on
The Avant-Garde Ft. Chase CobbinaNike ID Air Force One designed by Chase CobbinaRead his story on
Satin Jacket by Vintage, Shirt by H&M, Jeans by H&M, Belt by Louis Vuitton, Shoes by Nike
“I designed these Air Force One’s specifically for my 24th birthday. While everyone was calling their 24th birthday, their Kobe year, I wanted to distinguish mine as my 24 karat year. Hence, the reason I went with this solid gold design. I simply chose the mint green inner lining because I love how green and gold compliment each other.”
Rare Heir
The Avant-Garde Ft. Chase CobbinaRead his story on
During our meeting, we talked about everything from the power of a college education, to our love of textiles. However, we also discussed some of our future endeavors and after a while, I realized how much we have in common. For instance, we both studied criminal justice before deciding to embrace our passion for apparel design. We also understand the importance of surrounding yourself with individuals that share common goals. In fact, I was enamored when he told me about his forthcoming creative agency, Rare Heir.
“Do you remember when you were growing up, and there was that one cool house that everyone wanted to go visit? Well, we want to be that cool house. Essentially, it will be a one-stop shop for those looking for the total package. For instance, if an artist is working on a new project, we want to be able to fulfill their every need with our staff of in-house photographers, graphic designers, stylists, fashion designers, producers, and engineers. We just want to be able to help others create the best version of their product, all while providing the proper exposure for all of the individuals involved.”
The Avant-Garde Ft. Chase CobbinaRead his story on
The Avant-Garde Ft. Chase CobbinaNike IDs designed by Chase CobbinaRead his story on www.DapperAdvisor.comSweater by Yves Saint Laurent, Turtleneck by Vintage, Jeans by Balmain, Shoes by Nike

Chase designed both of these Air Force One’s. In fact, he has been drawing and designing sneakers since he was a child. Fortunately, thanks to Nike ID, he is able to bring some of his designs into fruition. Therefore, I am sure it’s a only a matter of time until Nike starts knocking on his door. 
“Air Force One’s has always been a staple for sneaker heads in Buffalo. Even though they are not as popular as they once were, my friends and I always keep a few pairs in rotation.”
Borrowing From Her Closet
The Avant-Garde Ft. Chase CobbinaRead his story on
The first time I saw Chase rocking this coat, I immediately thought it was another one of his vintage finds. I really appreciated the coat for its toggle buttons, suede panel across the front, and the wool collar. However, I think I became even more interested in it when he told me that this coat was actually from his mother’s collection.
“One day when I was coming home from school, I saw this coat just laying on the living room couch. I didn’t even have to ask any questions, I just knew I had to have it”
Making bold moves is what having your own style is all about. Seeing something that you like and having the confidence to pull it off and make it your own, pun intended.
The Avant-Garde Ft. Chase CobbinaRead his story on
Timberland 40 Below
Coat by Vintage, Shirt by Ralph Lauren, Jeans by Ralph Lauren, Boots by Timberland, Hat by Brooks Brothers 

Special thanks to Chase for participating and as always thanks for reading!

Yours Truly,
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