The Modern Cowboy

Lately I have been gaining inspiration from various different genres of art, and surprisingly enough one of them has been classic western movies. While growing in Trinidad for a brief period of time, my uncle either watched sports (boxing, basketball, and cricket) or classic western movies. Therefore, at an early age I was exposed to some of the greats like Michael Jordan, Mike Tyson, and Clint Eastwood. And as a result, sometimes my style of dress reflects that.

Although I am not a fan of authentic cowboy gear like boots and chaps, I decided to create my own interpretation of how a “modern cowboy” would dress. By incorporating some workwear like this denim jacket, corduroy pants, leather waistcoat, and of course a wide-brimmed fedora.
Like I mentioned before, I highly doubt I would ever wear a pair of cowboy boots, unless I was actually going horseback riding. Therefore, I decided to contradict myself and wear a pair of hand sewn Appachee boots instead.
Hat by Zara, Jacket by Levi’s, Waistcoat by Bare Skin, Shirt by H&M, Pants by Levi’s, Shoes by Steve Madden
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