The Journey of a Stylist Ft. Shaundel Hall

"The Journey of a Stylist" Ft. Shaundell Hall Read his story on
I have featured a several of my fraternity brothers to serve as inspiration, such as Rashawn Colton, Dwane Bruce, and Eric Lau. All of them have excelled in their respective careers from healthcare, to media production, to fashion design. And as a result, they continue to inspire me in one way or another. Therefore, for the first post of the new year I wanted to start things off right and introduce my older brother, Shaundel Hall. Shaundel has over 10 years of experience in the fashion industry as a model, visual merchandiser, personal shopper and celebrity stylist.
"The Journey of a Stylist" Ft. Shaundell Hall Read his story on
Shaundel studied culinary arts and hospitality & tourism in his hometown of Buffalo, NY; but like most creative and stylish young men from a small city, he decided to move to New York City to pursue a career in the fashion industry. The job that started it all was at the Ralph Lauren Rugby flagship store. There he was hired to be The Fresh Prince, from the 90’s TV series, “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. While in character he greeted customers and helped them pick out some of the flyest pieces in the store. In fact, some of his most memorable customers included Andre 3000, Mobb Deep, Nigo, and Kanye West, just name a few.
"The Journey of a Stylist" Ft. Shaundell Hall Read his story on
After successfully selling looks to some high profile customers, he quickly transitioned into dressing all of the male mannequins in the store. At the time, Rugby was the young and edgy division of the Ralph Lauren brand. Therefore, Shaundel’s sense of style emanated from every mannequin that he styled, even if it was just by adding a pair sneakers to a more formal outfit. In fact, his styling was so impressive and innovative that Ralph Lauren himself complimented his work and promoted him to a position in their corporate offices.
"The Journey of a Stylist" Ft. Shaundell Hall Read his story on
While working at Rugby, Shaundel started modeling on the side and was featured in an issue of Laced Magazine (wearing his own clothes). At the time, Laced Magazine was one of the premier urban magazines for sneaker enthusiasts and collectors. It was during that photo shoot that opened his eyes to styling, and sparked his interest of pursuing it as a career. 

"The Journey of a Stylist" Ft. Shaundell Hall BBC x Timberland Boots Read his story on

Shirt by H&M, Tee Shirt by Rick Owens, Jeans by Balmain, Boots by BBC x Timberland, Hat by Marc Jacobs

"The Journey of a Stylist" Ft. Shaundell Hall Read his story on
After a brief stint in the Ralph Lauren corporate offices, Shaundel got hired as a visual merchandiser for Levi’s. In that position, he was responsible for styling the mannequins in all of the New York City locations, including their flagship store in Manhattan. By that time, he already started his own styling company, and quickly became a highly sought after stylist. Mainly due to his unique approach of building genuine relationships with his clients, and it didn’t hurt that he was charging less than most of other more experienced stylists.
"The Journey of a Stylist" Ft. Shaundell Hall Read his story on
Soon enough, he started getting several requests to style women and decided to go into business with Kimberly V. and Rob Feliciano. At the time, it wasn’t common for stylists to collaborate in that capacity, but it worked well for them because Shaundel styled all of their male clients, Kimberly styled the females, and Rob was a tailor and designer. The name of the company was called KillerFre$h, and their celebrity clients included Angela Simmons, Omarion, Lloyd, and J. Holiday, just to name a few. Then one afternoon while working for a client, Shaundel got in a car accident and had to be on bed rest for several months. However, even with a broken leg, the hustle didn’t stop there. While on bed rest, he started customizing leather jackets and even created one for Yung Joc, Sean Garrett, and several NBA players. 

"The Journey of a Stylist" Ft. Shaundell Hall Read his story on

As his network continued to grow, he was introduced to fellow celebrity stylist Niki Hall. At that time, Niki was working as a stylist for the NBA All-Star Weekend and hired Shaundel to help her bring a fresh approach to the star-studded event. His first All-Star weekend was in 2008, and he has been working as the lead stylist for the event ever since.
"The Journey of a Stylist" Ft. Shaundell Hall Read his story on

Hat by Stacy Adams, Hoodie by Drifter, Shirt by Billionaire Boys Club, Jeans by BLK Denim, Boots by Gucci, Duffle by Louis Vuitton

"The Journey of a Stylist" Ft. Shaundell Hall Read his story on
Now lets fast forward to the present day. Shaundel has successfully transitioned into commercial styling work for Macy’s, JCPenney, Target, XXL Magazine, Tresemme, J.Jill, Beats by Dre, and MTV’s Guy Code and Girl Code, just to name a few.
While finishing up a project for one his celebrity clients, he was introduced to wardrobe costumer, Katja. One of Katja’ celebrity clients was Nick Cannon and she hired Shaundel to help her style Nick Cannon for his hosting responsibilities on America’s Got Talent, Wild N’ Out, as well as all of his public appearances. And as you may or may not know, Nick Cannon is one of the hardest working and best dressed men in the game today, seen here, so he constantly needs to be looking his best.
"The Journey of a Stylist" Ft. Shaundell Hall Read his story on
Throughout his journey, one of the most important things that has helped him become so successful, was learning something from everyone that he meets.
“I learn something different from everyone that I work with, whether it’s handling detailed paperwork, staying organized with clients money, or just shipping and returning high-end clothing and accessories. Also, I think my background in hospitality taught me how to serve my clients well and remain humble and level-headed when times get stressful because the fashion industry isn’t as glamorous as one might think. In fact, as I get older I am considering making another transition back into culinary. Although, I love styling, I believe that I have fashion and fashion doesn’t have me. Therefore, when the time comes, I know I will be able to combine both of my passions and make that transition.”
"The Journey of a Stylist" Ft. Shaundell Hall Read his story on
Coat by Moncler, Shirt by Oak, Jeans by Balmain, Shoes by Margiela, Hat by Marc Jacobs
As always thank you for reading and special thanks to Shaundel for participating.
Yours Truly,
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