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Most of my prior experiences dealing with New York City department stores were filled with a lack of quality garments or leaving unsatisfied due to a shortage of sizes. Not to mention having to deal with the infamous overbearing sales associate. Hence, the reason I am such an avid thrift store and boutique shopper. However, Trinity Place Department Store offers quality and unique garments, and a plethora of sizes to cater to all body types, at department store prices. Conveniently located in the Financial District in New York City, and luckily for me only seconds away from the Rector Street Train Station. Trinity Place is both aesthetically pleasing and offers a wide variety of clothing on their Menswear floor. Therefore, referring to Trinity Place as merely a department store is a gross understatement.

At first glance, you might be attracted by the charm of myriad vintage inspired leather sofas, but not only will you come in and sit down, you will come back and come back often. Maybe it’s the friendly proprietors and palpable sense of community you feel when entering the glass doors that sets this department store apart from the others. Possibly it’s the vast selection of their exclusive, European and Indie inspired menswear. Or maybe it’s the modest prices and unique garments. In my opinion, I would say the answer is all of the above.
Fortunately, I was invited to style three outfits from their spring and summer collection. I found that it was an effortless task because they feature such a wide variety of casual, and dapper pieces that match my personal aesthetic quite nicely.  They also carry some great accessories such as leather briefcases, canvas backpacks, and sleek suede folders.
Throughout this week I will provide a more in-depth look at the ensembles I put together but for now here is just a sneak a peak (featured above). Until then, feel free to visit their site here, and I guarantee you will find something nice regardless of your body type or gender.


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