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If you follow my Instagram account, you have noticed that I promote the new watch company, Talley & Twine. I was contacted by the President, Randy Williams, to be a part of the Talley & Twine team and after seeing the impressive minimal design of “The Worley Chronograph’s”, I felt compelled to join the team. The bands are also 100% interchangeable so they are ideal for both professional and casual settings. Talley & Twine has an interesting back story as well so I decided to share their story so you can get a better understanding as to how the company came about and why I decided to join the team.

“Created with a man of style in mind, Talley & Twine satisfies a need in the marketplace for quality, aesthetically-pleasing watches that are affordable and versatile. These designs were born after finding that the marketplace is riddled with watches that compromise quality or style to meet a certain price point. Talley & Twine was created to make both quality and style available for the average man. A man who is impeccably groomed and takes pride in his appearance can appreciate this clean and classic design.”
“Talley & Twine was founded on two principles: legacy and lifestyle. We want to set the standard for future generations, and we want to look good doing it.”
“Interestingly enough, our name comes from an intersection that was formerly the center of a notorious, crime-riddled neighborhood in Virginia. In recent years, the neighborhood has been completely redeveloped and now features new construction single-family and multi-family homes. A place with a dark past now has a bright future. Talley & Twine represents that future.”
The Worley Chronograph is available for pre-order on Kickstarter for a limited time so order yours today here.
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