The California Effect


Moving from New York to California has definitely had a major impact on my personal style. I was actually looking forward to seeing how my style would change and evolve with the move. Now after a few months of living on the west coast, I’ve realized that I do a few things more often than ever before.

For instance, I wear shades ALOT! In fact, I’m going to add a few more sunglasses to my collection because even though I’m not big on accessories anymore, it’s always good to have some variety.

Also, since the move I find myself wearing t-shirt and blazer combinations more often. Guys on the west coast definitely have a much more laid back approach to fashion and it’s very common to see guys wear flip-flops and shorts on the regular. Even though I highly doubt that my style will ever become that casual, I do gravitate towards t-shirts, henleys, and light sweatshirts, instead of the traditional shirt and tie combo.


I definitely still stick out like a sore thumb whenever I’m out (for more reason than one), but I have made a conscious effort to dress more casually because wearing a shirt and tie can sometimes be a little too intimidating out here, even in professional settings.

However, that is one of the best things about developing your personal style. Anyone can wear a shirt and tie everyday, but having style also means being able to adapt to your current surroundings.


When it comes to wearing a t-shirt and blazer combination there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, try tucking in your t-shirt for a more polished and well put together look. Also make sure the t-shirt fits well so that it doesn’t look baggy and uncomfortable underneath your blazer. Some guys even prefer to give the neckline a little tug to help “break-in” the t-shirt but that’s not really my thing.

Secondly, don’t be afraid to mix it up a little. Try wearing a colored t-shirt instead of the typical white or grey tee. Navy, burgundy, and brown t-shirts are great for the fall!

Lastly, in terms of the blazer, make sure that it has some texture to it so you can really convey a more casual appeal instead of just wearing the jacket of your favorite interview suit.


It took a few wears to break-in these penny loafers, but it’s finally safe to go sock-less in them!

img_1850Jacket by Suit Supply, T-Shirt by Uniqlo, Jeans by Uniqlo, Shoes by Sebago

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