Staying Cool in Pinstripes


Sifting through your wardrobe with the intent of putting together an outfit during the summer months can be easy for some but quite daunting for others. Especially, for those that have to adhere to strict dress codes for their profession. I, like most men would prefer to jettison all of my ties and suits in the summer and go to work in a tank top and shorts. However, for the sake of maintaining professionalism in the office, that is just not possible at this stage of my career. Therefore, my choice of raiment is based on the simple motto, “a well-dressed man is a productive man, and a productive man is a successful one.” But that’s enough of the concatenations, let me return to discussing my outfit.



imageBlazer by Austin Hill, Shirt by H&M, Belt by Tommy Hilfiger, Jeans by H&M, Shoes by Zara

Although at first site these garbs might appear uncomfortable and unbearable for the summer heat, but due to its light fabric, color, and half canvassed structure, I managed to stay cool. Not to mention, an air-conditioned room along with minimal movement played a huge role in my decision-making process. However, I realized that most men experience consternation when getting dressed for work during the summer, even if they have a surfeit of suits, and blazers. Therefore, they result in making the common mistake of wearing the common American males go-to outfit, which usually consists of an ill-fitting dress shirt, and baggy khaki pants (pictured below).


In my opinion, it is always more flattering to wear a blazer or well-tailored suit that is light in fabric and color and deal with the slight perspiration, than to look like the underachiever pictured above. I figure if the Italians can maintain their dapper appearance in the height of the summer months, why can’t we do the same in America.

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