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Having a great sense of style can mean a lot of different things, depending on who you ask. For me, it truly boils down to being confident about yourself and truly loving the skin you’re in. In my post on how to improve your lifestyle, I briefly discussed the importance of taking care of your skin and developing a good skin care routine. This time around, I wanted to go more in depth and provide some simple skin care tips for men. Like most teenagers, I dealt with acne and random breakouts, so that was when I first became interested in developing good skin care habits because it played such a huge role with my overall self-confidence. Therefore, I experimented with different products and routines until I found something that worked best for me, and did not create an additional task for my already busy schedule. So here are some simple skin care tips that work best for me.


1. Drink Water. I mentioned this before but I can not stress it enough, especially when talking about simple skin care habits. Drinking water helps flush out the toxins that cause blemishes and pimples, so make you’re drinking ATLEAST 3-4 glasses a day. The more water you drink, the better your body will perform.


2. Develop a Skin Care Routine. When most men think of skin care routines, they envision a long and extensive process that consists of spa treatments, exfoliation, and maybe even some cucumber over the eyes. Even though there is nothing is wrong with that, most men simply do not have time for all of that. However, keep in mind that exfoliation is essential and it should be a part of your routine at least once a week. But to put things into perspective, my daily skin care routine consists of 3 simple steps. First I wash my face with soap and water and my preferred soap of choice is Cerave. After, I rinse that off, I apply fresh aloe vera gel to my face for about 2-3 minutes. Then, once I rinse that off I moisturize with with Cetaphil. I usually only perform this routine at night, right before I go to bed. However, I make sure to moisturize first thing in the morning as well. It might seem like a lot at first, but coming from someone who suffered from acne as a teenagar, I try to make sure that I maintain this simple regimen so that I don’t have to deal with breakouts and blemishes as an adult.


3. Exercise. This is also something that I included in my post on how to improve your lifestyle, but I think it also plays a huge role with skin care as well. Exercise can help to keep acne under control. An intense workout that causes you to sweat, will help unclog your pores and clogged pores promote acne. Just be sure to wash your face with soap and water soon after exercising, since lingering sweat can make acne worse. Getting regular exercise also helps manage acne by lowering your stress. Psychological stress triggers a release of hormones in the body that can eventually lead to breakouts.


4. Eat Clean. This is probably the most important piece of advice I can offer in regards to skin care. I try to avoid eating fried foods as much as possible, (even though I’m still a sucker for chicken wings and french fries) in order to avoid waking up with unexpected pimples and blemishes. However, if you do find yourself indulging in a cheat meal, make sure you drink a lot of water to help flush out your the oils.

5. Seek a Professional. Lastly, if you suffer from severely bad skin, I would suggest that you make an appointment with a dermatologist. This is something that is usually covered in your health insurance, so make sure you take advantage of it.

As always, thanks for reading and feel free to share some of your own skin care tips in the comments below.

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