Public Display of Affection

I am usually not down for public displays of affection but like I mentioned here, playing the guitar is my new hobby and it has quickly become the love of my life. Hence the reason why I carry it around all the time and devote as much as time possible to learning. That also explains my recent lack of content on the blog, but I am learning to balance the two.
As for the clothing, I am keeping things light, airy, and comfortable. This shirt is a summertime staple and I wear it as often as possible, also seen here.
These shorts are chambray so they are extremely light and comfortable. They also have a drawstring waistband, so it feels like I am wearing fashionable basketball shorts. 
Guitar by Esteban, Hat by Olney, Shirt by H&M, Shorts by Uniqlo, Shoes by Zara
As always, thanks for reading!
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