Cocktails & Conversations Ep. 4: Build Your Professional and Casual Wardrobe


In episode #4 of Cocktails & Conversations, I am answering the style question, “How do you build a foundation for your casual and professional wardrobe?”

In my opinion, when it comes to building a versatile wardrobe there are really 5 things to consider:

Build The Foundation For Your Wardrobe

1. Fit is Key! – Avoid wearing classic fit and regular fit clothing because they are usually baggy and unflattering, especially when it comes to dress shirts.

2. Wear colors that look good on you. – I tend to gravitate towards earth tones and neutral colors. In other words, I wear a lot of browns, blues, greens, and whites because they look compliment my skin tone. Also, all of those colors pair well together so that makes it even easier to make an outfit everyday.

3. Shop at the right stores. – Every brand has a different aesthetic. Therefore, you need to find a brand that not only carries clothes that you like, but one that also compliments your body type.

4. Wear quality fabrics. – Avoid blended fabrics and cheap fabrics like polyester and rayon. Those type of fabrics simply won’t last long because they will shrink or get damaged after a few washes.

5. Shop for versatile pieces. – In other words, buy clothing that you can easily dress up or dress down like an oxford button down shirt or a pair dark denim jeans.
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