Pre-Spring Layering Ft. Dwane Bruce

Plaid & Neutrals Ft. Dwane BruceRead his story on
The snow is finally starting to melt and that could only mean one thing, spring is just around the corner. During this time of the year we can finally bid farewell to most of those winter accessories, but for the most part its still not warm enough to go out without a light jacket and a couple of layers. It can actually be a difficult and confusing time for some people. Therefore, one of my longtime friends and fraternity brothers, Dwane Bruce aka Deuce, shows us how he gets dressed during this “pre-spring” season. 
Neutrals & Plaid
Spring Layering ft. Dwane BruceRead his story on
Deuce is a graduate from the University at Buffalo with a degree in Health and Human Services, and he currently works for one of the premier health care agencies in Western, NY. Similar to our brother Ernest, he is also on the fast track to success in terms of moving on up within the company especially after earning a promotion a few months ago.
Pre-Spring Layering ft. Dwane BruceRead his story on
If it were not for the red plaid shirt, this outfit would have been very neutral and subtle, but by adding the plaid it provided a pop of color and a much needed layer.
“I love wearing layers this time of the year, it always adds some flavor to my outfits. I also like to incorporate oversized T-shirts as well, I tend to wear them as often as I can.”

Cole Haan Sneakers

Jacket by H&M, Shirt by Pacsun, T-shirt by Urban Outfitter, Jeans by ASOS, Shoes by Cole Haan  
The Man in Black
Spring Layering ft. Dwane BruceRead his story on
When Deuce put together this linen trench coat and waxed denim combination it really helped provide the direction for his feature. Linen is usually one of those fabrics that we reserve for the warmer months, but by adding a comfortable hoodie underneath you’re ready for any sudden change in the temperature. Which is something very common for this time of the year. 
Linen Trench Coat
Like I mentioned here, linen is one my favorite fabrics because it keeps you cool and I love the way the wrinkles form after just a couple of wears. There is really no way to avoid the wrinkles so you might as well just embrace it. 
Grey Suede Chelsea Boots
Trench Coat by H&M, Hoodie by Urban Outfitters, T-Shirt by Urban Outfitters, Jeans by Zara, Shoes by ASOS, Fedora by Topman
Urban Cowboy
Poncho Season Ft. Dwane BruceRead his story on
Now I have to admit, I never considered wearing a poncho before shooting this feature. However, after seeing it done here, I wouldn’t mind incorporating one into my wardrobe. That is one thing I have to say that I admire about most of my friends, especially Deuce, he is never afraid to take some risks. Deuce is definitely a soft-spoken gentleman, but when it comes to his fashion sense, he usually let’s his style do the talking.
Poncho Season
“I don’t believe in spending hundreds of dollars to make an outfit look good. In fact, a lot of people are surprised when they find out I rarely spend more than $30-$70 on one particular item. I like to call it balling on a budget, because to be honest I rather spend my money on more important things.”
Like I always say, money cant buy style, and Deuce definitely helped prove that with this feature.
Suede Chelsea Boots
Poncho by Forever 21, Shirt by Urban Outfitters, Jeans by Gap, Boots by ASOS, Fedora by Topman

As always, thanks for reading and special thanks to Deuce for participating.

Yours truly,
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