How To Wear A Statement Shoe

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I firmly believe that every guy should have at least one statement shoe in their wardrobe. It’s definitely not something that you will wear on a daily basis, but it’s great to pull out every once in a while and make a big statement.

Some people prefer outerwear to use as a statement piece but my preference has always been a pair of bold shoes instead. Tassel loafers are extremely versatile and a great first step for those looking to spice up their wardrobe.

Here is one way to wear a statement shoe!

The Paul Fredrick Statement Shoe


The key to rocking any statement piece is to allow the garment or shoe, to stand out on it’s own. In other words, you have to make it your outfits centerpiece and build the rest of the look around it.

Choosing similar colors is my favorite way to pull it off and make a powerful statement without saying a word!

Wearing statement pieces correctly can also show others that you pay attention to detail. Ironically, that can also benefit your professional and personal life as well.

For instance, these tassel loafers are tan, brown, and blue. Therefore, by pairing it with a tan jacket, denim shirt, and white denim jeans, it can help bring out all of colors in the shoes.

A denim shirt helps bridge that seasonal gap as well. Cotton and linen is a great warm weather mix. There are a wide variety of denim shirts out there, in fact there’s really a denim shirt for every occasion. That’s why they’ve slowly become one of my favorite go-to pieces (more on that later)!


Not only are these tassel loafers a great statement piece, but it’s one of those shoes that will almost always start up a quick conversation and if you’re into business and networking, having a conversation starter is essential!

paul fredrick-seymour tassel loafer-white denim jeans-statement shoe

Jacket by Nordstrom Men’s Shop, Shirt by Southern Gents, Jeans by Levi’s, Seymour Tassel Loafer by Paul Fredrick

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