How To Pack For A Business Trip

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As you all know, I work in higher education so I always have a conference or a speaking engagement to attend. Therefore, it’s important that I pack the right clothes because I always say, you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Also, once you pack the right things you will be sure to look and feel your best.

After all, outside of the meetings and workshops, the most important aspect of a business trip is to network with your peers in a professional setting!

So here are a few quick tips on how to pack for a business trip!

Packing For a Business Trip

1. Pack all of the small things first. This includes your tie clips, cuff links, watch, collar stays, and most importantly your cell phone charger!

2. Bring all of your own toiletries, especially your cologne.

3. Fold your clothes neatly and put them on a hanger as soon as you arrive to the hotel. By doing so, you can avoid the wrinkles and you won’t have to worry about ironing in the morning!

3. Instead of trying to fold your suit, just wear it to the airport. By wearing your suit or blazer to the airport, not only will you arrive to your destination in style but you might even get upgraded to first class!

4. Save some space in your luggage by rolling up your ties and socks into your shoes.

5. Only pack your most versatile dress shirts so that you can have more options just in case you’re not feeling your outfit the next day.


As always, thanks for reading (and watching) and please share some of your own tips on how to pack for a business trip in the comments below!

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