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It’s been a while since I featured what I wore to work on a regular day at the office, but when the weather is frigid it only made sense to stay indoors as much as possible. Fortunately, the weather has been warming up, so here are a couple outfits of what I wore to work this week.

Suit Separates

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You can never go wrong with splitting up your suits and wearing them as separates (as long as the fabrics compliment each other). Doing so allows you to maximize on your investment without having to wear the same suit to work everyday.
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Like I mentioned earlier, the weather is finally starting warm up but it does not feel like spring yet so this moleskin overcoat was essential. It was easily one of my best thrift store find of 2014.
Vintage Oxblood Oxfords…

Overcoat by Banana Republic, Blazer by Suit Supply, Shirt by Turnbull & Asser, Tie by Vintage, Trousers by Bill Blasser, Shoes by Andres Marseilles
Brown Means Business
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I wear brown on a fairly consistent basis but on this day I felt like wearing a lot of it. I’ve been feeling monochrome looks lately, and this was my take on it.
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Three years later and those brown double monks are still going strong. They can definitely use a good polishing but for now those scratches just add character.

Brown Double Monkstraps
Overcoat by Vintage,  Suit by San Remo, Shirt by Ralph Lauren, Tie by Vintage, Shoes by J.D. Fisk
Thanks for reading and stay tuned for some more great features!
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