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This past weekend I went to New York City to do some shopping and visit my family and friends. I also decided to bring my camera so that I could take some photos of people that inspire me. I have done some “street style” photos in the past. However, lately I have been gaining inspiration from various individuals with different styles and I think my photos truly reflect that.
1. Casually Tailored
I really liked his cool and casual approach on dressing down a blazer. He might have been on his way home from church or just enjoying his Sunday afternoon. But with an outfit like this, he is ready for any occasion.  
2. Salmon Details
This guy represents what dressing on a Sunday is all about. The salmon colored shorts and subtle details in his shirt brought this outfit together.
3. Lenny Kravitz Jr. Jr.

I saw this guy in the train station dancing awkwardly as he waited for his train. His cheerful personality is definitely reflected in this outfit. He also got some extra points for rocking those Margiela’s.

4. The Coolimage

From a distance this guy looked as if he was waiting for someone to take his picture, but in reality I think he was just trying to stay out of the heat. 
5. Chilling in the Shade
This older gentleman had a great attitude. He asked me if I was going to pay him for taking his photo, but of course I just smiled and walked away after I got a good shot.
6. A Pet Owner’s Love
While I was waiting for my friend to meet me, this guy took a break from walking his dogs and I could immediately sense the love that he had for his dog’s. Although this is probably the most un-menswear related photo, it is my favorite and I am glad that I was able to capture this moment.
7. Adarius
I first noticed the jersey and neck tattoo and I immediately thought to myself “this guy looks familiar”. Then I remembered he was featured here.
8. On a Break
Just another sharply dressed man, possibly on a lunch break. I appreciated the fact that he matched his leathers. 
9. Aspiring Photographer
I had a brief conversation with this guy about photography. Unfortunately, I couldn’t offer much advice about which camera he should purchase, but I am pretty sure he will have a better camera than mine the next time we meet.
10. Real Street Style
While taking these photos I stopped each person and asked them to take their photo. However, instead of stopping this guy I just decided to catch him action. I really appreciated his blazer and full cut trousers. He looked extremely comfortable and cool even though he was wearing all black on an 80 degree day. 
As always, thanks for reading!
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