3 Reasons Why Men Should Wear An Undershirt


First, let me start off by saying that I used to hate undershirts. It really bothered me that you could still see it peaking through even though it was underneath your shirt. Needless to say, I avoided undershirts at all costs. However, after being introduced to NVSBL Undershirts, my views have changed completely.

So here are three reasons why men should wear an undershirt!

The Invisible Undershirt


The main reason why I hated undershirts was because they were still visible, especially if you leave the top two buttons open. I even tried wearing v-neck shirts instead, but I still had to deal with the sleeves being visible. So I eventually just gave up on undershirts altogether.

Fortunately, NVSBL Undershirts solved both of those problems with its deeper v-neck and it’s shorter sleeves. They also have undershirts for darker skin tones, so they’re practically invisible underneath your shirt!

Protect Your Investment


One of the biggest benefits of wearing an undershirt is being able to avoid those embarrassing armpit stains. Armpit stains is actually one of the main reasons that guys end up having to replace their favorite shirts.

However, a quality undershirt can help prevent those stains from happening because it can absorb the sweat and moisture. Therefore, wearing an undershirt can actually extend the lifespan of your shirts!

dapper-advisor-nvsbl-undershirt-review-4The Flattering Effect

Last but certainly not least, one of the biggest benefits of wearing an undershirt is for the extra comfort.

Since NVSBL Undershirts are lightweight and fitted, you won’t even feel like you’re wearing an extra layer. In fact, the extra compression and longer design will make your shirts fit even better.


The Bottom Line

The things that really separate NVSBL Undershirts from the typical undershirt is the fabric (a unique blend of modal and spandex), it’s deeper v-neck, and the fact that they have different colors to match your skin tone.

Also, with the weather starting to warm up, a quality undershirt is going to be essential, especially if you’re a heavy sweater!

As always, thanks for reading and please share your thoughts on undershirts in the comments below!

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Akil McLeod
The Dapper Advisor

This post is in collaboration with NVSBL Undershirts but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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