The Summer Transition: Minimalism


Summer is technically over but depending on your current location, it might not actually feel like it yet.

So while most of the #menswear community and I patiently wait for the best season for fashion, I’ve decided to just dress light, minimal, and as always, keep it clean until then.

A white button-up shirt, navy print pants, and a crisp pair of white leather sneakers is ideal for just about any event that you might attend during this awkward time as we transition between seasons.


Now I know what you’re thinking.

Navy print pants aren’t necessarily ideal and sometimes not even practical for some guys, but for those of you that want to add some flavor to an otherwise “boring” outfit, this one is for you!

These navy print pants are thin and its almost like a shirting fabric. Therefore it’s extremely lightweight and comfortable. In other words, it’s perfect for dealing with the heat.

However, because it’s so thin its definitely not as durable as denim or a pair of trousers. It’s one of the downsides of purchasing fast fashion from stores like Zara, H&M, Asos, etc., because you will often find yourself sacrificing quality in exchange for a good price.


Ironically, in my opinion, this is what these hot summer days are for. There is always a time to be suited up but during this time of the year it’s best to just keep it minimal and wear light layers, and nothing is more minimal than a white shirt and a pair of white leather sneakers.

Also, here’s a tip for my shorter guys out there, if you ever want to wear your shirt untucked, make sure that it never goes past the midpoint of your crotch.

Long shirts are unflattering and it will definitely make you look shorter.


img_1248Shirt by J.Crew, Pants by H&M (Similar), Shoes by Converse, Shades by H&M

As always, thanks for reading!

Yours truly,

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