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After browsing through the archives of this blog, it truly amazes me as to how much my style has evolved over the past year. In fact, one of the purposes of this blog was to monitor my growth and style evolution, as I continue to develop my personal style and learn more about menswear. One noticeable difference that I have made is that I no longer incorporate several different accessories into one outfit. In other words, I never wear a tie clip, lapel pin, and elaborate pocket square all at once anymore. I learned the power of simplicity, after months of experimenting with color blocking, blending patterns, and adding accessories. However, I still wear a tie clip from time to time, most commonly when I wear a suit.

I also noticed that my style has become very “boring” over the past few months, specifically when it comes to my shirt and tie combinations. Nowadays, I seldom wear a gingham patterned shirt (seen above). Instead, a crisp white, light blue, or blue chambray shirt is all I need to complete my wardrobe. However, a gingham print is still a great addition and can be the perfect finishing touch for an other wise simple outfit.
In closing, I believe that creating your own style can take months and even years to develop, especially with all of the trends and fads that arise every few months. However, I think its important to experiment with certain trends and take a style risk every now and then. Sometimes, you win big and other times you might fail horribly. Trust me, after browsing through the archives I undoubtedly failed several times. But that is what makes this whole #menswear lifestyle so exciting.
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