Mrket Show 2014: What They Wore

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to attend my first Mrket show at the Javits Center in New York City. Since this was my first time at the event I must admit that I was excited, anxious, and a little overwhelmed at times to say the least. In fact, I felt like a little kid in a candy store since I was surrounded by so many great clothes and interesting people. There were hundreds of menswear brands, buyers, exhibitors, and bloggers in attendance and so many of them had great style. So here is my humble attempt at some “show style” photography. I hope their outfits provide you with some style inspiration because it certainly has for me.

1. Guerreisms
It was a pleasure to meet Karl Edwin Guerre, the creative genius behind His suit was bold and unique but he was soft spoken and modest, great combination.
2. The Red Tartan Suit
This red tartan suit was a standout at this year’s show. I loved the less aggressive tailoring and the yellow tie was the ideal option.
3. Silk Scarves in the Winter Pt. 2
The color of this blazer was refreshing and he definitely knows a thing or two about wearing silk scarves in the winter.
4. The Plaid Suit
Plaid suits and blazers were very popular at this year’s show and this gentleman was leading the charge. He also inspired me to try the whole “no tie and suit” thing.
5. Confidence is Key
This outfit just goes to show that confidence is everything. The white scarf was also a great addition.
6. Machismo
This suit was even more special to see in person, it was a fantastic masculine combo.
7. The New York Flair
This gentleman had a lot of personality and his outfit was definitely a reflection of that. Double monks and waistcoats will always get a thumbs up from me, seen here.
8. Bring on the Pane
This green and purple windowpane sport coat was one of my favorites, and the fit was spot on.
9. Blazers and Kicks
This look is not something that I can pull off but he definitely looked comfortable and ready for the long day of work ahead.
10. Unique and Bold
These bold patterned pants immediately caught my attention, and the color of this suit was unique.
11. Woman in Menswear
It would not be right if I did not include at least one woman in menswear. Her blazer was exceptional and the Hermes belt added a subtle touch of luxury.
12. Checks and Paisley
I never thought a checked jacket and a paisley tie could work well together until now.
13. Best Shoes in the Game
This guy looked very warm and cozy with that scarf and he easily had one of the best shoes at the entire event.
14. Suede Collars
The suede on the collar really caught my attention and the matching tie made it stand out even more.
15. Best Sweater of the Evening
This was the most unique sweater I seen at the show. Perfect for the below freezing weather that we all had to endure that day.
16. Washed Cotton Blazers
This was one of my favorite outfits. The washed cotton blazer and suede chelsea was a great combination.
17. Best Geezer Style
Older gentlemen dressed like this will continue to serve as style inspiration for me. This was my favorite sport coat of the evening.
18. Plaid and Plaid
A plaid bow tie paired with subtle plaid suit. This is what winter suiting is all about.
19. Paul Evans
Lastly, my attendance at this event would not have been possible if it were not for my good friends over at Paul Evans. Check out my review on one of their amazing shoes here. Thanks again guys.
As always, thanks for reading!
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