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Q: Which, if any, of your rules towards style have changed since you started blogging?
A: When I first started blogging I was also learning more about menswear and how to dress like a young professional. Similar to a lot of guys my age, I learned most things from the internet. As a result, I wore a bunch of things that I would probably never wear again and fortunately I gave away most of those things. In fact, I previously wrote about my style evolution here. But for the most part, I think my style has just matured over time and I stopped incorporating so many accessories like lapel pins and tie clips.

Q: Which shoes on your radar for the upcoming spring/summer season?
I am actually very excited for this spring/summer season. I am thinking about getting another pair of leather Jack Purcell’s (seen below), a pair of cream Vans, a pair of common projects, a new pair of suede double monks, and a new pair of suede loafers. In other words, I will be wearing a lot of suede shoes and even more white sneakers.
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Q: Any suggestions on where to find some affordable quality leather jackets?
A quality leather jacket can be very expensive, but I love leather jackets and as a result I have acquired quite a few over the years. However, I purchased most of mine from vintage shops and thrift stores. In my opinion, that is the best way to find quality leather jackets. Not only will you be able to find them for a fraction of the price but they will already be broken in and be more comfortable. Below are a couple vintage leather jackets for some inspiration.
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Layering Season Ft. Eric Lau
Layering Season Ft. Eric Lau
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