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MTM Suit & Tie by bureaumade
Over the past few months, I have literally fell in love with the made to measure aspect of menswear. I was first introduced to MTM clothing when I reviewed dress shirts from Tailor4Less and Mtailor (more on that later). However, I finally decided to invest in my first MTM suit but instead of going through the process with another online retailer, I wanted a more traditional experience so I decided to purchase this suit from my friends over at Bureau

Money Green
MTM Suit & Tie by bureaumade
Made to measure clothing is usually preferred by individuals that have a hard time finding that clothes that fit well off the rack. For instance, guys with long arms and or broad shoulders definitely benefit from made to measure clothing. However, the MTM option is also ideal for guys like myself that appreciate the subtle details and intricacies associated with fine garments.
For my first MTM suit I knew to make a six-button double breasted suit in a unique color. Basically just something that you could not find in stores. I added light brown buttons, a contrast buttonhole, a matching light brown lining, and a monogram under the collar. The beauty of the MTM process is the fact that you get to personalize your suit every way you want, even the pocket style on the trousers. For instance, these trousers actually have jean style pockets instead of the traditional slanted side pockets (more on that later).
MTM Suit & Tie by bureaumade
Suit by Bureau, Tie by Bureau, Shirt by Stafford, Shoes by Kenneth Cole
Suit Separates
Made to Measure Suit by bureaumade
I wanted to show another way to wear to wear this green suit, and like I always say there is no better way to get more wear out of your suit than to split it up and wear the jacket and trousers separately. All in all, I am definitely pleased with the outcome of this suit and I can’t wait to design my next one.
MTM Money Green!
New Double Monks!
Jacket by Bureau, Shirt by Stafford, Tie by Ralph Lauren, Trousers by Hickey Freeman, Shoes by Kenneth Cole, Pocket Square by Vintage
As always, thanks for reading and if you’re ever in the Buffalo, NY area make sure to check out Bureau for all your MTM needs.
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