Lino Ieluzzi Inspired

When I decided to make the conscious decision to trade in my Air Jordan’s and OG Nike Foamposite’s for double monks and brogues, Italian men served as a constant source of inspiration. By observing their style, I learned the importance of fit through sharp tailoring and how to create appropriate color combinations.

This outfit in particular was inspired by one of my style icons, Pasqualino Ieluzzi. I first witnessed Lino’s iconic style from the infamous street style photos that are taken during every Pitti Uomo. Piti Uomo is a menswear trade show that occurs twice a year in Florence, Italy. From there, I continued to see an abundance of his photos on The Sartorialist.

In my opinion, Lino embodies the essence of Sprezzatura. Sprezzatura is the Italian equivalent of nonchalance. Some men try to achieve it by sporting a poorly knotted tie or keeping their shirt sleeves unbuttoned. However, through Lino’s style I learned that sprezzatura is much more than trying to portray an imperfect image, because clearly the man puts effort into what he wears. In fact, I realized true sprezz is all about looking and feeling comfortable in your own clothes, especially when wearing shirt and tie. I will eventually go into further detail about Lino’s style and provide a deeper back story, but I felt that it was imperative that I introduce him sooner than later as one of my style icons.
Blazer by Napoli’s (thrift), Shirt by Christian Dior (thrift), Tie Clip by Vintage (thrift), Pants by Levi’s, Shoes by Zara
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