The Life Of A Gentleman: Your Brand Is More Than Free Clothes

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The #menswear game has changed a lot over the past few years. When I first started blogging back in 2012, the blogosphere was full of good-hearted guys that genuinely wanted to help other guys dress well. Therefore, that play a huge role in the way I created and delivered my content.

Occasionally, some guys would feature some of the free products that they received from brands and that too inspired me to eventually start working with brands. However, like I mentioned before the menswear game has changed a lot and most people have start blogging just for the free clothes and some of the other perks. Although, there is nothing wrong with getting free products from brands that you love, it’s a fact that you can’t pay your bills with a free tie.

In fact, seeing someone do an unboxing video on their Instagram or Snapchat has become the norm since the internet is currently flooded with “influencers”. Therefore, Richard Taylor and I decided to discuss the State of the #Menswear Community in episode 50 of The Life of a Gentleman podcast.

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Here are some of the highlights from our conversation.

1. The fashion industry is a relatively small one, so you must be cognizant of that whenever you’re working with a brand. Brand representatives and public relations personnel tend to move around a lot so always keep that in mind because you never know where you’re next big opportunity will come from.

2. There are definitely a few levels to being a successful blogger, influencer, etc. It usually starts out by sharing your passion and building an audience. Then, you will start getting free products in exchange for a feature on your platform. From there, you can usually start to charge a fee for your services based on your overall reach and engagement.

3. It’s very important to update your blog and social platforms on a consistent basis. Most “influencers” only write a blog post once a month and that’s only when a brand requires them to do so. Therefore, if you really want to stand out amongst the crowd, make sure that you create a posting schedule for your own platform.

4. Always remember that you too are a brand so you should always treat your brand/blog like a business.

Click Here To Listen To Episode 55

As always, thanks for reading and be sure to check out The Life of a Gentleman Podcast for more thought provoking conversations!


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