How to Win Big on eBay

I have developed quite a big reputation as an avid thrift store shopper. In fact, anytime I pull out something new from my closet my friends immediately assume that it came from a thrift store. However, I have been winning big on eBay for a long time, including this discontinued suit from Suit Supply. So I figured it would only be right to share some of my “eBay secrets” with you all.
I started using eBay while I was collecting sneakers in college. During that time, I bought and sold rare and collectable basketball sneakers and as a result I acquired an impressive collection over the years. Especially considering the fact that I didn’t have that many bills and responsibilities. It was actually very common for me to overpay for just about any shoe that I wanted. In fact, my only strategy at the time was to place a huge bid on an item and hope that my competition wasn’t as careless and irresponsible as I was.
Now that I have become more financially responsible, I’ve develop some new eBay strategies to beat the competition. So here are some of my eBay tips and tricks:
– Refrain from placing a bid until the last 5-10 seconds. (Be sure that you have a strong internet connection.)
– Set a price limit in your mind and stick to it.
– Send a message to the seller and make an offer, sometimes sellers are motivated and they would accept a reasonable offer rather than keeping the auction open.
– If the seller has more than one item that you want, try bundling items in order to save money on shipping.
– Lastly, always remember that communication is KEY! If you have any questions or concerns regarding the item for sale always send a message to seller. Sometimes the right question can lead to a deduction in price.
Suit by Suit Supply, Shirt by TM Lewin, Briefcase by Vintage, Tie By Vintage, Shoes by Mercanti Fiorentini
I hope my tips and strategies help you with your next eBay purchase. Also please feel free to comment below if you have any tips of your own.
As always, thanks for reading!
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