How To Wear Pink Like A Man


I’m definitely no stranger to bold patterns and colors, in fact my wardrobe used to be full of bold fabrics until I started dressing more conservative. Ironically, I find myself diverting back to my old ways (more on that later).

However, even though popular artists like Cam’Ron and Kanye West made it cool for guys to wear pink, most men still cringe at just the thought of it. Therefore, I wanted to give my take on how to wear pink like a man!


If you’re a long time reader of this blog, you already know that my best and most common piece of advice when it comes to wearing bold and unique pieces is to just keep it simple!

Following this simple rule has been my go-to method for years and it’s even helped me take more style risks along the way, including some that I’m not so proud of (more on this later).


For instance, this outfit in particular is very simple yet effective. Pink blazer, light blue dress shirt, white denim jeans, and a pair of brown leather wingtips with a matching belt.

Sure, the pink blazer is bold and it makes a statement, but the key in making this work is balance!

The white denim and pale blue dress shirt allows the blazer to stand out on it’s own without being too busy or distracting. A light blue pair of jeans or khaki chinos would have also paired well with this.


Matching your leathers (belt, shoes, watch strap) is one of those classic menswear rules that often gets overlooked, but I try to abide this as much as possible. It’s a simple way to show others that you pay attention to detail and that you dress intentionally.

Both of which are definitely two of my keys to success!

_mg_1171Blazer by Vintage (Similar), Shirt by Christian Dior (Similar), Jeans by Levi’s, Shoes by Mercanti Fiorentini (Similar)

As always, thank you for reading!

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