Strictly Business: The Navy Pinstripe Suit


It’s no surprise that I love wearing a well-tailored suit more than anything else in my wardrobe. I actually think I finally have a suit for every occasion now. I have some that are meant for more casual settings like this plaid suit, and I even have some more versatile options that can be worn for work and play. However, when it comes to my professional wardrobe, nothing screams business more than a classic navy pinstripe suit. For me, it’s like a piece of armor for when I have important meetings with the Dean’s and VP’s of the University.


When it comes to styling a pinstripe suit, the same rules apply.

Keep it simple!

A white shirt, white pocket square, and a dark solid tie is ideal (avoid those corny red “power” tie). Lately, I’ve been gravitating towards the same 3-5 ties, mostly silk knits, but that’s only because I’ve learned that you don’t need dozens of ties to have a well-rounded wardrobe. All you need is about 3-5 options that pair well with most of your wardrobe. I just wish I learned this lesson before I started acquiring 100’s of ties from the thrift store.


In my opinion, if you’re going to wear a navy pinstripe suit for business, you should always wear a french cuff shirt with the appropriate cuff links. Ironically, I just started wearing shirts with french cuffs because it looks more formal and professional. Just make sure you’re cuff links aren’t too gaudy and distracting.

Shout out to my lady for gifting me with these custom cuff-links!



Suit by Saks Fifth Avenue, Shirt by Thomas Pink, Cufflinks by Things by Remember, Shoes by Magnanni

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