The Young Professional’s Guide To Wearing Jewelry

When I started my career in higher education I was only 22 years old and still trying to make the transition from being a college student to becoming a young professional. As an undergrad, I was notorious for wearing gold rings, chains, and even gold teeth. Therefore, I continued to wear a lot of jewelry and accessories early on in my career.

However, after a few years of being a higher education professional, I think I’ve finally found the perfect balance on how to incorporate jewelry into my professional wardrobe without looking like a crooked preacher.

So here is the complete guide on how to wear jewelry as a young professional.

The Dapper Advisor - How to Wear Jewelry For Men

Watches: I think every gentleman should own at least one quality watch, even though we all check for the time on our phones. However, when it comes to professional settings a classic watch is essential.

Style Tip – Avoid wearing anything too big and gaudy with a suit or blazer because it won’t sit comfortably on your wrist. Instead, consider a simple chronograph or minimal watch instead.

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Rings: Like I said earlier, I was notorious for rocking several gold rings at a time (pictured above). However, in professional settings it’s best to only wear one ring (i.e. wedding band or class ring) per hand.

Also, save the pinky rings for the club!

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Bracelets: When I first became interested in #menswear, the stacked bracelet trend was in full swing. Tons of guys, both young and old wore several bracelets on each arm and it always seemed like a little tacky to me.

Four years later, my opinion hasn’t changed at all. Therefore, when it comes bracelets I suggest wearing only 1-2 bracelets at a time.

Style Tip – Try matching your bracelet with your watch strap to really complete the look!

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Earrings: Some people frown upon men wearing earrings in professional settings but I think as long as they are a small studs you will be fine.

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Cufflinks: Like everything else, keep them subtle and classic. Avoid big and gaudy cufflinks at all costs because they are distracting and simply unprofessional!

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In short, when it comes to wearing jewelry in professional settings, less is always more! A minimal watch, class ring, and a pair of subtle cuff links are all you need. However, if you’re in a casual setting feel free to get as crazy as you want.

As always, thanks for reading!

Yours truly,

Akil McLeod
The Dapper Advisor

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