How to Wear a Blazer With Jeans


Wearing a blazer with a pair of jeans is great way to dress sharp while still keeping things casual. Depending on your work environment, it is also a great alternative to wearing a suit. In fact, when I first started my career, that was definitely one of my go-to combos. However, when it comes to wearing a blazer with jeans there are a few things to consider in order to pull off the look successfully. So here are a few tips on how to wear a blazer with jeans.


1. Texture. Make sure that the blazer has some texture, something like a tweed, cashmere, flannel, or even a linen fabric (pictured above) is ideal.

2. Jeans. When it comes to the jeans, try avoid wearing ripped jeans and jeans that are too skinny, especially if you plan on wearing them to work!


3. Shoes. In my opinion, loafers are ideal but you can also wear them with dress shoes as long as they’re not square toe. Consider wearing them with a pair of double monks or brogues. You can also wear them with boots as long as their sleek and dressy, like a pair of wingtip boots, and not chunky and bulky like Timberlands. You can even pair them with sneakers as long as their simple and minimal like a pair of chucks (more on that later).

4. T-Shirts. Depending on your work environment, I wouldn’t suggest wearing a blazer and jeans with a t-shirt because that might be a little too casual. However, this look can be a great date-night option as well. So if you want to wear a t-shirt with your blazer and jeans, I would gravitate towards a more casual shoe like a sneaker or a pair of loafers in order to compliment the “casual-ness” of your outfit.



Blazer by Uniqlo, Shirt by Ralph Lauren, Jeans by Levi’s, Shoes Courtesy of Rockport  

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