5 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Smile



Dental hygiene and personal image has always been very important to me because your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you. Fortunately, a healthy smile can definitely be achieved, even without owning a premium dental insurance. However, there are a variety of methods and a certain level of consistency needed to obtain one. So here are 5 easy things that you can do to help improve and maintain a healthy smile!

1. Brush Your Teeth Twice A Day. This may sound obvious but you would be surprised at how many people forget to brush their teeth at least twice a day. I usually brush my teeth first thing in the morning, before I eat breakfast, and at night right before I go to bed. Although, the toothpaste might make your food taste a little weird, it is a small sacrifice to make for white teeth.


2. Flossing is Not Optional. There has been a huge misconception about the idea of flossing. For some reason, people think it is optional and just something extra that you can do for your teeth. However, your toothbrush can’t get all of those hard to reach places in your mouth. So if you don’t floss, this becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, which can cause stains, decay and receding gums.

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3. Know What Causes Stains. Several drinks have been linked to causing stains and most of them are a consistent part of your diet, making them even harder to avoid. However, if you’re aware of which drinks causes the most damage you can rinse your teeth shortly afterwards to avoid stains. For instance red wines, tea, and coffee are all leading causes of yellow teeth. Not only do these drinks cause stains but they can also cause some structural damage as well.


4. Visit Your Hygienist Twice a Year. Having routine cleanings every six months are essential to maintaining a beautiful smile and good oral health. In addition to removing stains and tartar build-up from your teeth, your dental hygienist also screens for health conditions like high blood pressure and oral cancer.

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5. Don’t Smoke. It amazes me that people still smoke cigarettes even though the warning label says that it can kill you. Ironically, I’ve been known to light a cigar every once in a while when it’s time to celebrate success. However, I just cannot fathom the idea of someone smoking cigarettes every day. Not only can smoking kill you and or cause cancer, but they are ridiculously expensive in New York and they are a huge turn-off for non-smoking women, two things that a discerning gentleman should always keep in mind!



As always, thanks for reading and keep on smiling!

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