How To Dress Like A Boss, Even If You Aren’t One

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When I started my career in higher education, I made sure that I was always dressed to impress. I started out as an intern, then worked part-time until I eventually got offered a full-time position as an Academic Advisor. It actually wasn’t until I heard the quote, “dress for the role you want and not the one you have”, that I decided to bring my A-game everyday!

Now as I reflect on those early days, I’m positive that my personal style had a lot to do with my success and my ability to move up the ladder.

So here is everything you need to know about how to dress like a boss!

Key To Success: Dress Like A Boss

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Working as an intern and trying to dress like a boss can be a tricky situation.

Although it worked for me, I wouldn’t suggest everyone to do it because even though some of the staff members loved my style and often asked for advice, others felt that I was “doing too much”.

Therefore, if you’re currently interning for an organization, I would still advise you to dress well everyday but you should probably leave the bold chalk stripe suits and bright colored blazers at home.

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Also, when it comes to dressing like a boss (even if you aren’t one yet), the most important thing is to always keep things simple and classic. Regardless of the industry, I’ve realized that most “bosses” gravitate towards classic menswear pieces that fits well and compliments their body type.

Pieces like a navy blue or grey pinstripe suit will always help you look and feel like a boss.

Furthermore, if you want to incorporate some bolder patterns into your wardrobe, always remember to keep things simple. In other words, a solid shirt and tie is all you need to complete the look.

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Last but certainly not least, one thing that all bosses have in common is a strong shoe game. You don’t need to have a large collection, but all of your shoes should be clean and polished.

Always remember that it’s the details that help separate the men from the boys!

navy-pinstripe-suit-brown-woven-captoe-shoesSuit by Saks Fifth Ave (similar), Shirt by Spurr, Shoes by Saks Fifth Ave (similar)Watch by Timex

As always, thanks for reading!

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