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I would like to introduce a brand new series on the blog entitled “How to Care”. In this series I will discuss how to care for and maintain some of your precious menswear garments. The first thing that I will be discussing is one of my wardrobe essentials, the silk knit tie.

I would like to introduce the “How to Care” series on the blog. In this series, I will discuss how to care for and maintain some of your precious menswear garments starting with one of my personal favorites, silk knit ties. Check out for the details!

Silk knit ties are my favorite option when it comes to ties. I used to be a huge fan of paisley and stripe rep ties but my style has changed a lot since then and now I wear one of my solid silk knit ties at least three times a week. Silk knit ties are more of a casual option so whenever I have important business meetings I tend to go with a more formal option, but most days it’s almost certain that you will catch me in a solid silk knit. One of my favorite things about them is that they pair well with everything so you don’t need dozens of options. For instance, I only have a navy blue, burgundy, brown, and olive green silk knit and I think my tie collection is pretty solid (no pun intended). So without further ado, here are some methods to care for your silk knit tie.

1. When it comes to storage, you should never hang them like you would with other ties. Instead you should roll them up in order to prevent them from stretching.

2. If your tie ever gets wrinkled and it needs ironing, be sure to place a cloth on top of it to avoid damaging the fabric.

3. Try not to make a bulky knot, a simple four in hand knot is all you need.

4. Avoid velcro at all cost! This means never wear it with a jacket or sweater that has velcro on it. Velcro will damage the fabric and that it something than can not be repaired.

5. If for some reason your tie ever gets stained, use a spot remover as opposed to dry cleaning. I prefer the tide pen to remove stains and small spots.

* This last one is not really a rule, but I would like to encourage you to avoid buying those silly skinny knit ties. A 3-inch width is preferred, especially if you have a larger physique.

As always, thanks for reading and stay tuned for more from the “How to Care” series.

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