How A Denim Jacket Should Fit


It’s the day after Labor Day so the fall season has unofficially begun!

Therefore, it’s time to start prepping your fall wardrobe and in my opinion, a denim jacket will always be a fall essential because it’s ideal for layering. However, you can’t just wear any kind of denim jacket because just like a tailored suit, your denim jacket should fit perfectly.

So here is everything you need to know on how a denim jacket should fit!


Shoulders: Just like a suit jacket, the fit of the shoulders is the one of the most important aspects of a denim jacket. It should fit snug and have high armholes so it doesn’t sag.

Baggy armholes are a common issue with most vintage denim jackets because that baggy silhouette was popular in the 80’s and 90’s. So keep it modern and avoid getting an outdated model.

Length: The jacket should hit just few inches below the waist, and it shouldn’t go past the midpoint of your crotch. Just another style tip for all the shorter guys out there!


Body: A denim jacket is supposed to be cut close to the body because it is usually always worn opened. In fact, I hardly ever wear mine closed, but make sure that you are still able to fasten a few buttons, just in case you want to layer it with a waistcoat.

Sleeves: A narrow sleeve, high armhole, and a trim upper arm is a must!

Also, make sure the sleeves hit just pass the wrist because unlike a tailored jacket, you don’t want any of your shirt cuff showing!


Fabric & Color: I prefer a broken-in selvedge denim that has some weight to it, like this denim jacket from Levi’s. However, a black, khaki, or even white denim jacket could also be great options to complete your fall wardrobe.

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