Thrift Store Haul #5: The $10,000 House of Bijan Suit

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This is definitely one of my best thrift store hauls of all time. Over this past weekend, I found some really good brands that typically sell well for me such as Ugg, Untuckit, and Patagonia.

However, I also found a bunch of first time finds like a pair of Nisolo shoes, some vintage t-shirts, and a House of Bijan suit. Ironically, being someone that is very well versed in suits, I never heard of the House of Bijan before.

Therefore, after doing some research I quickly learned that the House of Bijan is the most expensive store in the world. At least, that’s what the writers of GQ are saying about it.

Here is the excerpt from GQ that really let me know what I was dealing with:

“Since the late 1970s, Bijan and its suits ($10,000), ties ($1,000), and exotic leather jackets (your mortgage payment) have been a secret handshake of sorts for many of the richest and most influential people on the planet. “Somebody who shops at the Bijan, they’ll see their friends wearing maybe a black suit, but they’ll notice that the lining is yellow, and they know, Oh, that gentleman knows about Bijan. He’s been to Beverly Hills. He’s been to Rodeo Drive. This is a gentleman that wants the best of the best and he can afford it,” says Nicolas Bijan, the impeccably-groomed 27-year-old at the helm of the house. “It’s unintentional on our part, but there’s kind of a whole aura around Bijan that definitely plays some role in the psyche of our clients.”

House of Bijan Suit In The Goodwill

All in all, this is definitely the most expensive item that I’ve ever found in a thrift store. This experience made me think about a few things. First of all, why was it donated to the goodwill? Secondly, who was the previous owner? And thirdly, did they donate any other Bijan suits?

However, at the end of the day I’m just glad that I found it!

As always, thanks for reading and watching!

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