Handmade Garments: The Denim Waistcoat

Denim waistcoat….100% Handmade waistcoat by Williams Tailoring
There was once a time when everyone made their own clothes, from underwear to outerwear. In fact, some people even made their own fabric. Although tailors and seamstresses have been around for centuries, the average family simply could not afford their services. Therefore, all men and women knew the basics of sewing and making clothes. Today, we are beginning to see a resurgence of young men and women creating their own clothes from scratch in order to obtain unique, custom made garments! 

100% handmade denim waistcoat by Williams Talloring…Read all about it on www.DapperAdvisor.com Long time supporter and reader of the blog, Orlando Williams is a second generation tailor and has been creating custom made waistcoats and dress shirts for the past three years. He recently reached out to me and offered to make me a custom waistcoat, and since I’ve always appreciated custom made clothing, I had to accept his offer. After going back and forth about the design, we came up with the denim double-breasted waistcoat. I wanted something versatile and completely different from anything else in my wardrobe and I believe he was able to achieve that goal. So here is a brief backstory on the man behind the brand and how he made his start in menswear.

“My name is Orlando Williams and I was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. I was officially introduced to the menswear game in 2011, but it was actually quite some time before that. I used to compete with my uncle on being the best dressed at church on Sunday’s, but eventually I wanted to dress that way all the time. So I ended up coming across men’s style blogs like Street Etiquette, The Style Blogger (Articles of Style) and The Dapper Advisor. As a result, those blogs basically became my style bible. In the beginning, I really didn’t know what the hell I was doing so I basically just copied whatever I saw those guys wear until I came into my own and developed my personal style.”

Handmade waistcoat by Williams Tailoring
“Fast forward to 2012, I started researching different careers in the field and landed on tailoring. This was due to a post I read on Articles of Style about Michael Andrews. I really loved how he managed his business and the whole psychology behind creating a suit (getting a suit made by him is still on my bucket list).”
“As I continued my research I found out that my great uncle was also a tailor, so I guess that makes me second generation. It sounded like destiny to me, so I started taking some classes at local fabric stores and started learning about more fabrics and how to sew. I eventually learned everything else from my mother.”
“At first, I didn’t know what I wanted to do but when I learned that bespoke tailors all focus on different things, it helped me narrow down my options. I have always liked waistcoats and always felt like more should be done with them, so I concentrated on waistcoats and dress shirts. I try to avoid creating replicas because I pride myself on creating one-of-a-kind pieces for my customers. I’ve always believed that that makes a piece even more special to someone. Ironically, this all started out as just a hobby but now it’s a form of income and I hope to one day take things to the next level.”
Loafers by Hugo Boss

Coat by Tommy Hilfiger, Waistcoat by Williams Tailoring, Shirt and Tie by Oliver Wicks, Trousers by Vintage, Shoes by Hugo Boss

As always thanks for reading and special thanks to Orlando Williams for this handmade waistcoat.

Yours Truly,

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