How to Wear Gray Jeans


I bought my first pair of gray jeans back in 2006 when I was a junior in high school. They were a pair of Levi 501’s so they weren’t as slim as these are, but back then we definitely weren’t wearing anything labeled slim fit.

At the time, I thought I was the man because all of my friends were still wearing blue or black jeans so I definitely stood out amongst the crowd. I wore those jeans at least 2-3 times a week because I loved how they fit and I thought they looked great with all of my sneakers. Back then all you needed was a white or black t-shirt and a fresh pair of kicks to be considered fly.

The good ol’ days!


Fast forward 10 years later and I still feel like the man in my gray jeans because most guys are still wearing either blue or black jeans or they’re claiming to break the rules by wearing white jeans after labor day!

If that’s even still a rule anymore…



When it comes to wearing gray jeans, the same rules apply as it would with any other pair of jeans.

Fit is key!

I was particularly impressed with these jeans because I usually always have to taper my jeans below the knee, especially if they’re labeled as being slim fit. However, these slim fit jeans were just that. Slim but not too tight and all I needed to do was give them a quick cuff since I was wearing them with boots.


Grey jeans are a great alternative to the typical dark blue or black jeans that you often see during this time of the year. Surprisingly, some outfits might even look better if you swap out your black jeans for a shade of gray.

Also, if you’re looking to try something different without doing too much

Grey jeans are definitely for you!


_mg_1776Leather Jacket by H&M (similar), Shirt by J.Crew, Jeans by Banana Republic, Shoes by J.D. Fisk (similar)

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